Costume Design

Little Red Riding Hood

Theatre production 2018
Brief: Design and make costumes for two actors playing 10 roles.

Pride and Prejudice

Theatre production 2017
Brief: Design and make costumes for 30 actors in period (regency) dress to be a historical representation of the time of Jane Austen. Costume designs and makes included transitions from day to evening, as well as indoors to outdoors.

Hansel and Gretel

Theatre production 2017
Brief: Make costumes from another designers concepts. 2 actors playing 10 characters

Snow Queen

Theatre production 2016
Make one costume from a costume designers sketch. This is the main characters outfit (a vintage inspired night gown)

Little Women

Theatre production 2016
Brief: Design and make costumes for 13 actors. Set in the period of the American Civil War (1860s) the costumes contained corseting and structure