Welcome to Pudleston Makes! A business dedicated to individual creations for every occasion. Based in the heart of Herefordshire (Pudleston) and on the canals of the UK.

Curtis has been sewing since a boy, encouraged at a young age by family members (especially Grandmother, Beryl) to follow a creative passion. Ever since then he has worked on commissions for stage and screen including costume design and costume making, most of which is drafted to specific sizes. 

The main stream of passion comes from historical costume. Covering in-depth research specifically in the Tudor and Georgian periods. Over the past few years, Curtis has had the opportunity to recreate garments and to share that research in public talks and workshops.

After a career of 16 years in arts marketing, Curtis now dedicates his time to creativity and making (bridal, commissions, costume & couture) as well as talking and sharing his passion about historical costume.

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You can follow, shop or get in touch: hello@curtisfulcher.uk